Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bent Creek | Daniella

"What in the world happened?!" 

"We did mountain biking! ...I kinda hit a tree and went down the side of the bank, but it's not bad."

"You're officially my heroes." --said their [awesome] summer-camp counselor. 

 Daniella and Rachell were my daredevils that I always remembered in the back of my mind as the ones with gashes in their arms and cool bruises from mountain boarding, biking or whatever other sport with painful learning curves. 

 When it came to their senior year, I asked Daniella where exactly she wanted her pictures taken---outdoors of course. Why didn't I think of that. 

We headed out to Bent Creek, and let me tell you--it was awesome. We both grew up in the great outdoors, so it was nice to get away. Skinny little bridges were about the death of us when it came to mountain bikers whipping by.  But we hopped onto the railings in between them and used it as an excuse to hike a little off trail to get more shots :) 

 Enjoy! Congrats girl--no worries about the future, there's no rush to grow up ;-)

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