Monday, November 19, 2012

Chattanooga | The Elder Family

"So now that you know we're not axe-murderers, will you come be a youth leader in the middle of nowhere?" -- said the guy who was the friend of an acquaintance I'd met in a coffee shop.  

Not sketch at all.

I met a guitarist during a random encounter in Cafe MiAroma, now devastatingly closed.  After about a year of chatting online with him (who became known as Todd) he mentioned a friend of his who was a youth pastor, and how he needed someone to head up the girls for a weekend youth retreat.

Who knew the guy would become known as Jonathan, an amazing youth pastor just crazy about his kids from the South Pittsburg Baptist youth group.  And rightly so, cause I got to know 'em too :)  I've never known someone to love on his group so much.

He and his lovely wife Wynter have continually opened my eyes to the meaning of service and love---the way they keep up with, and are there for, the kids, and constantly keeping concerned for their well-being in all aspects.

Naturally, they'd pour that love into a family of their own and in March, we all met Clara Ann :)

Enjoy meeting her too!  Seriously, one of the most happy babies I've met :)

Peekaboo Chattanooga_Wide_Portrait Kisses Held_High Daddy_Kiss Mother_Daughter_4top Fountain Chattanooga_Fountain_Carousel_Family Carousel_Family Carousel_Kiss Father_Daughter_Black_White Family_Chattanooga_Walking_Bridge_Coolidge_Tennessee_Aquarium Father_Daughter_Baby_Kiss_Chattanooga Bridge_Walking Bridge_Shoulders_Kiss Bridge_feet


  1. Yea! Thanks, Tanya! They're simply lovely. :)

  2. Lovely family.... Great photography!!!!!


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