Sunday, November 4, 2012

Malaprops | Emma

Emma, a chica from my summer camp days, arranged this fun number.  It was refreshing to have a unique take on senior pictures:  she wanted her pictures in downtown Asheville, at Malaprops Bookstore.  It's her frequent haunt for musings, solace and tea.

Full of Asheville-charm, its vibe actually reminded me a lot of Powell's bookstore in Portland.  With delighted permission from the owner and manager, we were off :)

Malaprops_Bookstore_Asheville_cafe Window_Shopping MalaPropped_Wide Interruption_Book MalaPropped_BW
^^^ You might recognize this distinct way of propping ;-) A shout-out to Malaprops...
Mug_Window Window_Writing Cafe_Stool Cafe_Shot Coffee_Eyes
Then we headed out to another favorite spot, tucked behind a little shop and overlooking a quaint cobbled street. (I freaking love this city, seriously, it's awesome)
Cove_wide Peace_Love_Books Outside_Peace_Love_Books Wall_Portrait
Congrats girl! It was awesome seeing you again and catching up :)


  1. EMMA!! :D
    Wow! These pictures are great! love them!

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