Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rachel & BJ Fambam

I met Rachel when she was still in high school; I was interviewing her for a  documentary I was filming for class.  We got to talking about her interests and it just so happens that we both had a love of photography :)

Though she's already taken some fantastic photos of her beautiful baby, I figured I could help her out taking pictures of her family so she could actually be in them :-P

CUTEST. EVER.  Definitely the most expressive baby I've taken pictures of!


Family Swing Kiss Happy Feet Individuals Father_Son_Toss Father_Son_TummyTime Father_Son_Happy Father_Son_2 Mother_Son_Wide Mother_Son Family_Toss CoupleMed CoupleClose Fam_Pumpkin Expression LittleManPumpkin

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