Friday, November 16, 2012

Rejavanation | Jordan

Lol, fond memories are things Jordan and I haven't really gotten the chance to make--she was a student I saw around often who hung out with Gabby a lot. (It's crazy how much they've started to sound alike--I swear they must be related in some parallel universe.)

But we got a good start at the coffee shop :-P She wasn't as sure about formal pictures, until I told her they didn't have to be formal :-P Then we were on the same page. "I got you, I got you..." as she would say.

So we headed out to Rejavanation Cafe with her [amazing] guitar, Stewart, and we were off on mini-session awesomeness.

Congrats girl!


Guitar Portrait OutsideTable OutsideTable2 Outside Reading WIndow CHair


  1. I've known Jordan a long time and you captured her perfectly in these pictures! They are perfect! Great job!

  2. Thanks :) It was awesome hanging out and getting to know her better!


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