Thursday, December 27, 2012

[Editorial] Washington DC | Bradley

I recently made a move to the DC area for a temp job, and it just so happened that Bradley had family up there too.  Paths crossed and we got together over his Thanksgiving break to check out downtown DC :)

Many thanks to his Grandpa, a native who was our chauffeur for the session.  Luckily his job was easy, since we went to the Memorial park and basically stayed put.  (I blame that one on me -- those columns were irresistible.)

Maybe the politicians rubbed off on me, maybe it's just the regal columns that did it, I don't know, but I noticed that every single photo reminded me of an editorial spread.  So this one's laid out a bit different. 

I had fun putting this one together :)   Congrats Bradley -- I'll miss seeing ya around!

Cover Sillhouette_Lincoln_Memorial_Washington_DC Sleeves Sitting_Pillars LongExposure Milestone B&W_Opportunity Success Pillars_Standing Propped Happiness-&-Horizons Coat


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