Thursday, January 31, 2013

Asheville | Jared & Co

I took a break for the holidays and headed back to the homestead -- while I was there, I got the privilege to meet Jared and his family.  It worked out perfectly, catching them before they headed back home to Texas.

We started off with a couple shots with the cousins; you might recognize a familiar face in there.  :)

Cousins Cousins_Part_Deux

Then we zoomed in a bit -- talking with his mother, right off the bat you could sense the pride she had in her [not-so-little-anymore] boy. Extremely intelligent and headed in a fantastic direction, meet Jared :) 

It was great meeting you and finding out your rad taste in authors ;-) Best wishes in the future!

Concrete_Smile Concrete_Tie Ponderwall Pokerwall Field_Wide Graffiti_Wall_Smile

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