Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moog Store - Asheville | Ben

I always have a spot in my heart for music :-P   Ben's dad was my choir teacher back in high school, so naturally he'd be into music too.  So when I found out we'd be going to the Moog store, I was utterly stoked, because I hadn't been able to go yet.  (For those that don't remember when Google did their awesome Moog Doodle.)

We had a fantastic time trying out the machines, honing our musical ear, and of course, taking pictures. Then we wandered around downtown Asheville a bit -- Best wishes in college Ben!

Moog_Portrait MoogClutter Smile_Moog_Quote Graffiti_Pass Smile_Graffiti_Pass WarehouseDoor AlmostSmiling Sit-'n-Smile

Final Fotographer's Fave, sorry -- gotta shout out to the trumpet.


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