Saturday, March 9, 2013

Maiden voyage of the Mark iii -- Portland, ho!

You remember Highlights magazine?  I remember there being a story about a kid who left cookies and milk for his postman, and if UPS had mailboxes to leave stuff in, I'd wanna thank him like that.  I'd send some to B&H too if I wasn't poor now :-P   Needless to say, I'm totally stoked about this and I can't wait to get frustrated about all the new settings, lol.

I'll get to put all the growing-pains to the test right away -- I'm off to the West today!  I'll be doing some on-set photography and some studio stills for The Record Keeper; they're shooting in Portland, OR at the moment.  (For those who are curious, it's a pretty legit web-series -- You can see the Pilot episode here.)

I'll try to post some if they'll let me ;-)  

Til next time.  Stay fabulous,


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