Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Record Keeper | Makeup

Short post tonight!  Jet lag is mondo kicking in, but here's a look at the Make-up Department for today's fight scenes.  There are some crazy-epic make-up and airbrushing on some other characters, but these are the ones we're allowed to reveal for now. In due time, friends, in due time!

Inspiration & Reference

Amber Arpin (Hair & Makeup Supervisor) works on
fight makeup for Larus
(Dennis Hill)
Caden | Junesoo Ham


  1. I LOVE these! I also cannot wait for the episodes are out! I live to tell people that I have a friend who did some photography for it. So cool!

    1. Haha how funny :-P But seriously, I'm stoked to see it too!! It can't come quickly enough, lol it looks so legit! Once it releases, I'll also be able to post more ;)


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