Monday, March 11, 2013

The Record Keeper -- PDX Day 1

Alright, so it's only my "Day 1" -- technically they've been shooting for over a month now and have a little less than a month left, but I digress.

Today was incredible.  We set out at 6:30 am for the prison.  Miraculously, they landed this unused minimum security prison as a location to build sets and have all their staging areas.

There's one [totally boss] set, as well as some [equally boss] characters that I'm sadly not allowed to show you, but here are a few favorites from the day of the ones I can reveal.

[Canon Mk iii Revelation #1:  I can crank this baby up to 8000 ISO and still get awesomely decent results.  The first half of the day was shot in extremely low light, and the zoom-lens I was sent with only allowed an f4 -- Still crazy capable.]

Director | Jason Satterlund

Director of Photography | Federico Verardi

Raina | Lindsay Frame

Larus | Dennis Hill

Caden | Junesoo Ham

The second-half consisted of Green-screen work -- The chica in the first picture is the Gaffer, and an amazing one.  Works completely in sync with the DP.  Here you can see the empty cell blocks.

And of course, the best for last ;-)  For all the film nerds, the Arri Alexa -- they were basically shooting off of a couple of heavily diffused 650s and some Christmas lights/candles.  There were some steam-punkish light-bulbs that helped too.  Still, it was amazing to see...

And that's it for the first day!  Early morning again tomorrow; my bed is shouting at me.  Cheers dears.



  1. Very glad to see this film is coming together! It has been a long time coming. Keep up the good work!

    1. I'll pass it on -- I know they're stoked to see it made as well :)

  2. Sweet! Glad you made it safely and that you're having a blast! (Delayed reply, since I know you're back here already. Anywho...)


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