Monday, July 22, 2013

Northern Virginia | Kristin & Tim

I always love finding my way back to college connections -- we've all seemed to move away from the institution that kept us all in the same vicinity, but these joyous occasions always bring us back. :)  Plus, I always have a soft spot in my heart for the outdoorsy couple; hearing their engagement story about hammocks and twinkle lights, I knew we'd have a laid back and fun day.  And that it most definitely was -- at one point they had me laughing so hard, I'm pretty positive I shattered all sense of professionalism.

These two have such an amazing light of love and devotion -- best wishes to their future!  Enjoy their joy :)   And many thanks to my awesome 2nd for the day, Ricky Oliveras -- you know you rock!


Flowers_cans_window Dress Peak-a-boo_Dress Getting_Dress_On Groom_tie Groom_Bouteniere Before_they_see_each_other Aisle Ceremony_Wide Bridesmaids_Flowers Ceremony_Whisper Daddy_Kiss Walking_Back _Excited_Bride B&W_Bride_Groom_Church_Door Walking_from_the_chapel Character_Party Wedding_Party Blessed Details_Basket_Flowers B&W_kiss_reception Flowers_Cake
These cuties positively could barely keep their fingers back, lol. So dern CUTE!
Kids_cake B&W_Kids_cake Cake_cutting_stance B&W_cake_kiss Get_away_Sparklers Field_Sun Couple_Grass_B&W_Laughing Couple_Grass_Kiss_Shoulder Bride_Groom_Kiss_Grass_field Bride_Groom_Couple_Kiss_Veil Bride_Groom_Piggy_back_kiss B&W_Bride_Groom_Shoulder Bride_Grass Groom_Leaping_Grass Bride_Groom_Kiss_Sparklers

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