Saturday, August 24, 2013

Road Trip | OREGON! -- There and back again...

The epic-ish conclusion!

Early start for the last leg of the trip -- three hours in, we see the promised land:  The Columbia River.

2R4A0600 2R4A0598

We drove straight to the airport departures; I said goodbye to the journey from my plane window.

And that's that!  In good ol' Asheville, done gone 'n come back :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Road Trip | Snake River & Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Today was our long driving day so we weren't really planning on stopping again -- besides, not much would be able to top yesterday.

But still, life can take you by surprise.  Or at least Idaho can.

For instance. When you drive across a nothing-special bridge like this:


You don't. Expect. This.

2R4A0596 2R4A0544

It was the Hansen Bridge, towering over Snake River Canyon 
(One of the places Evel Knievel failed a jump). 

It's been a while since I've gotten muscle-lock from heights, but walking to the edge was quite the adrenaline rush.

One of those "my-subconscious-just-might-hurl-me-over-the-edge-before-I-can-stop-myself--Back-away-slowly" moments. 

 Absolutely loved it.


So we keep driving through stuff like this:


And less than two miles from this, I kid you not, we find this:

Shoshone Falls Pan
Shoshone Falls, folks.
2R4A0581 2R4A0572 2R4A0575

Awesome sights, lots of driving, and hey! By the way. 

We made it to Oregon!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Road Trip | Antelope Island & Salt Lake, Utah

Tanya Jump

MOST. Epic. Road trip day, yet.

#1 -- We said goodbye to the armpit of Wyoming.

#2 -- Utah, starting with [naturally formed] Devil's Slide -- 

Devil's Slide-2

But things got phenomenal when we went to Antelope Island.

Just over a causeway, not even 7 miles from our hotel, is an incredible state park -- bison.  YES BISON, (which I'd never seen in real life before today), antelope (that either), and salt flats.    Not to mention a killer view.


Salt Lake Pan1-2 Reflection Blue Sky-2 Lori Salt Lake-2 Salt-Lake-Pan2-2 Car Waiting-2 Bison-2 Watching-2 Bison Wide-2 Lori-2 Field and mountain-2 Romeo-2 Reflection sunset-2 Driftwood Spanse-2 Cracked Salt-2 Driftwood-2 Salt pile Causeway coming back-2

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Road Trip | Chimney Rock

Yes, Chimney Rock (not the one in Asheville), but THE Chimney Rock from your past DOS Oregon Trail adventures. Not gonna lie, it was pretty legit seeing it in real life.  Even in 104 degree heat.

I took pics to stitch together a panorama, but my computer died. Guess where my charger is. Yup.  And we're not going back for it.

By the dubs, we made it to Cheyenne, Wyoming. I don't know what I expected to be here...maybe I'm just in the wrong part of Wyoming, but...yeah.

So, onward on my cousin's computer til I can get a charger in Utah tomorrow (Yeah, that's how small-town this place is.  Closest anything is Fort Collins Colorado).

Some snaps:  

2R4A0173 2R4A0175 2R4A0182 2R4A0180 2R4A0187

Monday, August 19, 2013

Road Trip | Lincoln, NE

You'd think endless cornfields would be boring to me, but I legit thought they were pretty cool. A nice change in scenery -- we'll see how much I like them after tomorrow.

photo (1) 2R4A0120 2R4A0123

We made it to Lincoln and went straight for Pioneer Park to stretch the legs and let the dogs roam. From there, we found a cool set of columns from the original US Treasury building.


Road Trip | St. Louis

Some snapshots from the trip -- 

We headed out from Chattanooga, TN and we're on our way to Eugene, OR!  Yesterday we got a chance to stop by the St. Louis Gateway Arch, and cousin Lori had never been :)  

2R4A0092 2R4A0095 2R4A0099 2R4A0107 2R4A0108

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