Monday, August 12, 2013

Art Loeb etc. | Heather & David

This was probably the most hardcore and fun engagement shoot I've done to date.   I'd been looking forward to this since Heather asked me a few weeks ago, " you like hiking?"

We started out early and headed out to the Art Loeb Trail south of Asheville and hiked up to the scene of the crime ;-)  This was where David popped the question! 

Conversation flowed throughout the entire day, from the Art Loeb Trail, to Courthouse Falls, a local Italian eatery, gelato (~mmm~), Moore Cove Falls to when we wrapped up over Thai in downtown Asheville.

They have quite the story that began in high school, took a 7 year hiatus (or 8, depending on who you ask, lol), and reconnected in grad school. I'm so excited to capture the culminating Big Day in October!


Art-Loeb-Trail-Milemarker Art-Loeb-Trail-Asheville-Wide BlueSkyHike Art-Loeb-Trail-Fog-Rocks Contemplate Field Mountaintop-Art-Loeb-Trail-Back Shoes Courthouse-Falls

We had a visitor :)

Courthouse-Falls-Brevard-North-Carolina-Rappeling Courthouse-Falls-BW Plank-Walking Heather-BW Tree-Leaning Waterfall-From-the-back Hug-Waterfall LittleThem_Waterfall Waterfall-From-the-top


  1. great stuff tanya! did that person belaying slip and fall in at the waterfall?!

    1. Lol, he and another guy were actually rappelling!

  2. The photos are stunning!!
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