Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chester Frost Park | Carolyn & Allen

I was excited to hear the ceremony was to be held in Hixson, Tennessee by the waters of Chester Frost Park.  However, when I heard that the wedding venue had been a might flooded, I was worried that it would've also dampened the spirits of the wedding party.  Not this one.  They moved the happenings into the pavilion and fun resumed.

I reached a point where I thought, "This is probably the most random fun I've ever seen a wedding party have..."  It may've been the anime expressions, the presentation of a ring-pop, or other various pranks throughout the day.  I absolutely loved seeing how much fun this group has together.

Enjoy their fun!  I certainly did :)

~ Divertitevi ~

Lacing_Up_2 Lacing_Up Hair GettingReady_Smiles Bride-Window Bride-B&W-To-the-First-Look First-Look1 First-Look2 First-Look3 Groomsmen Groomsmen-throwing-groom Bombshell-Bridesmaids

Since Carolyn and Allen are both huge anime fans, it only seemed appropriate...More on this later ;-)

Anime-Wedding-Party Bride-Groom-Chester-Frost-Park Bride-Groom-Dock-Lake-Clouds Bride-Groom-Clouds Groom-Carrying-Bride Groom-Carrying-Bride-2 Ceremony-wide Ceremony-Laughing Wedding-Ring-Pop Kiss After-Kiss Walk-back
One thoughtful wedding guest took down the exact times they said their vows and when they were first presented husband and wife.
Wedding-Times Bride-Groom-Parents-Kiss Umbrella Table-details First-Dance First-Dance-Kiss Cake Reception Exit

From there, we headed to the spot where the ceremony would've taken place for some portraits.

Couple-back-surveying-damage Bride-tree-sun Couple-GQ Bouquet-Cuff-link-details Couple-sun-close-up Couple-sun


  1. Awesome as always Tanya. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Tonya, You are such a AWESOME photographer!!! I would have you do my maternity photos if you lived closer.

  3. Kathyand Bob SnellAugust 2, 2013 at 2:38 PM

    Beautiful photos ... a little peak into to the joy of the day for those of us who were not there. Sending our wishes for a lifetime of happiness.

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