Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Historic Railpark and Train Museum | Steph and Andy

Once upon a time there were two girls, roommates and Freshmen in college, musing in their dorm about their backup plan.

"Forget guys.  Let's move to the Yukon.  The only boys around will be male huskies."

Not seeing anything on my radar, I agreed.  "Sure why not.  Even if I hate the cold."

By the end of our college experience, we had a good solid group of us with this plan.  Lately our numbers have been dwindling however, with no help from the original brains behind the operation.

Stephanie, through the schemes of a set-up, met Andy.  I still remember her telling me about the first time she saw this guy, with a mattress under each arm.  Fast forward and I had the awesome privilege of being a bridesmaid for when my roommie caught her man for good.  Though Andy is whisking her away, I suppose I should thank the guy -- The remaining lot of us have decided on a backup plan in much warmer climates ;-)  

They are such a mission-minded couple with others' needs at the forefront of their lives, and I know a lot of kids will have them to thank for a better view on life.  

Without further ado, the couple!  We all congregated in Bowling Green, Kentucky at the Historic Railpark and Train Museum -- gorgeous location, complete with a legit train furnished from the 20s that you can walk through.

I wish you guys the best and I'm so glad I could grab some portraits on your special day :)


Seat-Car-Regal BW-Seat-Car-Laugh Seat-Steph-Laugh Seat-Andy-Laugh Seat-Steph-Eyes Steph-Walking-Train-Hall BW_Mail-room-wide-shot-kiss Thinkin'-about-love BW_Mail-room-laughing Conjuring-Bride BW_Mail-room_Endearing Cutting-Loose BW-Mechanical-Train-Car-Couple

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