Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lake Junaluska | Tricia & Caroline

There are few things that seem to catapult you into a brave new world more than a single birthday. Meh, I guess there's sixteen, eighteen, twenty one ish. But to me, all those seem to stem from seeds cast at the age of Thirteen. 

 Of course, there's the whole original birth-day deal, but thirteen, it's a special time. So when Tricia approached me about capturing her and 13-year-old daughter Caroline, I was excited. I haven't had the opportunity for a mother-daughter shoot before and it was such a sweet idea. 

 We set off on making plans at Lake Junaluska, where their family has frequented on many a weekly afternoon. Dodging some storm-cells here and there, we made it and had a great time rounding the lake. (In. Credible. clouds rising between the mountain ridges.)

Seat-Smile Caroline-Seat-Hug Feet Bridge-Hug Rail-Walking Big-hug Pillars Caroline-Lake I-want-to-ride-my-bicycle Bicycle-for-two

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