Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Photo Manipulation | Woodland Water Nymph

Photo manipulation has always been fun to me. I don't get to do it often -- I'll attribute that to time, even if it's equally or more having to do with lack of imagination (or skill). We're still honing at this point. But I always enjoy it when I get a chance

 When I worked at camp, I reconnected with a high school friend and found out that she had a passion for sewing and creating. (Seriously, an Effie Trinket costume? She's amazing.) 

We were both ho-humming about our dreams we'd like to accomplish but probably won't because food won't make it to the table. Then we basically just said "Screw the system," and decided to do a project just for fun because we could. 

 The perfect opportunity came when all the rain from the summer culminated in the last weeks and flooded the lake. It might've been misery for the ski-beach crew but it was AWESOME for us and it gave us an idea. 

 So in after-weeks, we headed to Good Will and Wal-Mart and spent the rest of the nights laughing and being frustrated with a janky sewing machine (til we figured out we had the needle in backwards...insanity becomes us.) 

 Regardless, we enjoyed not caring if everything was perfect and doing a project that was just for us. Thought I'd share our results... 

 Heads up for a Behind-the-Scenes before and after, and extras from the session. 


Woodland_Water_Nymph_1_8.7_2 Woodland_Water_Nymph_8.7_2


  1. pretty sure you could still put food on the table with your skill sets...just saying...

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