Thursday, August 22, 2013

Road Trip | Antelope Island & Salt Lake, Utah

Tanya Jump

MOST. Epic. Road trip day, yet.

#1 -- We said goodbye to the armpit of Wyoming.

#2 -- Utah, starting with [naturally formed] Devil's Slide -- 

Devil's Slide-2

But things got phenomenal when we went to Antelope Island.

Just over a causeway, not even 7 miles from our hotel, is an incredible state park -- bison.  YES BISON, (which I'd never seen in real life before today), antelope (that either), and salt flats.    Not to mention a killer view.


Salt Lake Pan1-2 Reflection Blue Sky-2 Lori Salt Lake-2 Salt-Lake-Pan2-2 Car Waiting-2 Bison-2 Watching-2 Bison Wide-2 Lori-2 Field and mountain-2 Romeo-2 Reflection sunset-2 Driftwood Spanse-2 Cracked Salt-2 Driftwood-2 Salt pile Causeway coming back-2


  1. Lovin' all that texture in the dried ground pic!! My other two faves; the jump shot and the dog enjoying that Utah breeze out the window. :D

    1. Haha, yeah you actually picked out my favorites too! Aaaand, no lie -- it's been my lame-ish dream to take a pic of vastly dry and cracked earth...

    2. Same dream, girl, same dream! I'll get my chance someday to capture all that bone-crackin' texture!! Cross that off my bucket list... ;)


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