Monday, August 19, 2013

Road Trip | Lincoln, NE

You'd think endless cornfields would be boring to me, but I legit thought they were pretty cool. A nice change in scenery -- we'll see how much I like them after tomorrow.

photo (1) 2R4A0120 2R4A0123

We made it to Lincoln and went straight for Pioneer Park to stretch the legs and let the dogs roam. From there, we found a cool set of columns from the original US Treasury building.



  1. You should see North Dakota's fields of sunflowers! (We have lots of corn too...)

    1. There was a single sunflower behind me when I snapped the pic of the entire field....does that count? Lol, I hadn't really been that close to a legit sunflower before. Unless you consider all the sunflower seeds I've eaten in my childhood.


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