Friday, August 23, 2013

Road Trip | Snake River & Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Today was our long driving day so we weren't really planning on stopping again -- besides, not much would be able to top yesterday.

But still, life can take you by surprise.  Or at least Idaho can.

For instance. When you drive across a nothing-special bridge like this:


You don't. Expect. This.

2R4A0596 2R4A0544

It was the Hansen Bridge, towering over Snake River Canyon 
(One of the places Evel Knievel failed a jump). 

It's been a while since I've gotten muscle-lock from heights, but walking to the edge was quite the adrenaline rush.

One of those "my-subconscious-just-might-hurl-me-over-the-edge-before-I-can-stop-myself--Back-away-slowly" moments. 

 Absolutely loved it.


So we keep driving through stuff like this:


And less than two miles from this, I kid you not, we find this:

Shoshone Falls Pan
Shoshone Falls, folks.
2R4A0581 2R4A0572 2R4A0575

Awesome sights, lots of driving, and hey! By the way. 

We made it to Oregon!


  1. I'm pretty excited that you made it to Oregon, like more than I normally should be. It really feels like I just played Oregon Trail with you ha ha.

    Beautiful photos, as usual. I've been enjoying seeing your road trip.

    1. Ahahaha, that's FANTASTIC! This made me smile, Lol glad we got to play -- and nobody died! Win.


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