Friday, October 18, 2013

Fire & Rescue | Landon

Another camp kid! Sad for me, not really a kid anymore, lol, but it's been grand, getting to know him more as he grows up. I remember one particular day when I was hammocking on center campus and we got into a huge discussion about him wanting to train into the EMT culture, having already done shifts and rolled out on calls in Virginia. 

 Growing up on a secluded mountain, my family made up a good portion of the Volunteer Fire & Rescue squad; I was too young, but it being a small town, I remember getting to roll out when I happened to be in the car with them. 

It also helped that our house was directly across from the firehouse -- with all the community events, the fire house was the hub of a lot of my childhood. 

So it totally rocked that he wanted to do his pictures around the scene he loves, and after a short stop at a cool building, we went to the fire department; took me back and I loved it!  Landon, you're too cool -- good luck in the future!  May all your time in the back of an ambulance be as a non-patient :-P


Building_Wide Building_Smile Firetruck_Front_Wide Firetrucks_smile Lockers Lockers_B&W Truck_MediumClose B&W_Truck_Tilt Truck_Turnout_Gear Offloading_Ambulance EMT_Unloading Firehouse_wide Ambulance_Lookin'


  1. First B&W photo: amazing and favorite! Tanya you are the cat's meow (=^.^=)

  2. Great pics of a great young man!

  3. What an amazing exhibit of talent. - Regina Lee


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