Wednesday, October 23, 2013

NYC Day One | CanonPI10 and an explanation...

I figured it'd be simpler to explain on here why I'm in New York instead of individually clarifying for everyone.

Basically, you remember a year ago when Canon & Ron Howard's Project Imaginat10n took off?  And I might've clogged your feed with this photo to solicit votes?  

So, in the simplest way I can, 

  • 10 Categories (Character, Setting, Mood, etc.)
  • 10 Winners in each category (except for 1 winner in the last category, "Discovery") = 91 winners
  • 5 Celebrity Directors (Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Biz Stone, James Murphy, and Georgiana Chapman)
  • Each director chose one photo from every category (10 photos) and based a short film on those 10 photos.  Five other filmmakers went through a similar competition in making films and those winners will also premier their films.
So since mine was in the "Mood" category, Jamie Foxx's film will have a mood that was inspired by my photo -- it is not, I repeat, not based solely on my photo, lol.  However cool that would be.
And that's why I'm here!  :-D  The Premier Event happens tomorrow night at Alice Tulley Hall at the Lincoln Center.  To clarify further:
  • Not positive I'll even get to meet Jamie Foxx 
RoomBut all in all, it'll be a jolly grande time with my Mumsy :)  We drove through Chatt and flew from Nashville to JFK to our fun, teensie hotel room :-P  I'd show you the view from our window, but it faces a brick wall.

And yup, we're boring and old and past the hype of Times Square so we're chillin' out -- basically just ventured out for a chai.  Big adventures!  :-P


NYC 2R4A5368


  1. Wish we had known you were leaving from Nashville. We could have tired to connect with you two.

    Still really proud of you and I know your mom must be bursting with pride too. So happy for you.

    - Jade Meyer

    1. We're flying back to Nashville for a baby shower on Saturday! We drive straight there though :( My mom drives back that night and I stay til Sunday. Not sure, I might be able to swing by, depending on my driver!

  2. So excited for you girl!! That is amazingly awesome!! :) Have fun in the big city and tell my family hi...LOL


    1. Lol, if I see anyone who resembles you, I'll run up and give 'em a hug...

  3. So cool! You dressin' up in a fancy dress and struttin' down a red carpet or what? :p Anywho, fun fun! Proud of ya!


  4. Replies
    1. Hey thanks! Were you there in NY?? I really liked your picture -- I'm a sucker for black and white :-P

  5. So awesome!
    And I was the same way when I went to NY. Times Square was just busy, crowded, and full of crazy people. ;P Took a few pics to prove I'd been there but that was about it.


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