Monday, October 28, 2013

NYC Day Three | Black, White & Night

Anyone who has ever tried street photography, 

As in, with your arm down at your side, or sitting in your lap. Bump up that shutter speed, slap on a wide and go (on silent shutter) -- people don't stiffen up when you aim at them, and even if they're looking at you, they're not looking at the camera and are a ton more relaxed and interesting.   And yes, it was partly because I was cold and lazy...and oddly obsessed with the photos that turned out, which on a wide angle, turned out to be more rather than less.

You're not looking for perfection, you're snapping up an essence; a scent to bring out when you're missing it. 

These are from our last day in New York. We spent it down in Greenwich Village and since I'm always a sucker for the classic black and white, all those B&W are from earlier in the day. Later, we headed down past the WTC building to Brooklyn for some Ignazio's Pizza (compliments of Marca's suggestion), and skyline shots. Those, I obviously brought up to my eye. But still -- those freestyle street shots are worth a try. Tellin' ya. Try it. Do it. 
After you read this...


Streetsweeper Mover Subway1 Subway2 Subway3 Serenading_Homeless Street Roasting-Plant Bike_Reader MichaelKors Couple LuxuryTaxi Disco_Cyclist DogWalking_Ball_Father_Daughter Bikes

One World Trade Center

Brooklyn Bridge Park | Pier 1
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Waiting for my college buddy, Ben, at Ignazio's Pizza.

Under the Brooklyn Bridge,
 on our way back to the hotel for the last time.

It's been good New York! Now back to life :)


  1. Wow, loved these!!! For some reason the second one on your post has something that I love. Aaaaaand I want the skyline for my desktop picture, those are awesome! I'll definitely do it :). Take care girl! -Dania :)

    1. Haha I'll be honest, the first two, I just sat and stared at for a while to try to figure out what I liked so much about them -- they're my favorite :) The 2nd one just has the look of a New Yorker, to me -- lol, at least from a Southerner's point of view. Lol, and let me know which one, and I'll email it to you!


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