Friday, October 25, 2013

NYC Day Two Pt. 1 | Shooting from the hip

As much as I hate looking the tourist, I am in fact a tourist.  (Shh) One way I fixed that was keeping my camera down and pointing my wide-angle wherever I saw fit -- and I'm just lazy when I'm cold, but things turned out to be just as interesting.  Snippets from the day (some obviously not shot from the hip).
  • Diner breakfast
  • Chess at Washington Square Park (Rooftop scene from "August Rush")
  • Greenwich Village
  • Central Park
  • Ate at Blossom
Day2_2 Day2_3

And then THIS KID.

Mom and I were waiting for our check in Blossom, and he piped up right next to our table; asked if we wanted to see a magic trick, which of course, duh.  This lead to the novelty of his skeleton gloves...


...which I then taught how he could make into a bunny which he proceeded to show to every single table in the restaurant.


Winner of the day :-P

 Then we headed out to get ready for the film festival -- those pics later!

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