Friday, October 11, 2013

Streets of Asheville | Tegan

I got acquainted with this little lady over photography -- I actually remember quite clearly helping the academy out with registration, and talking shop with her in-between people coming to our station. 

Ever the sweetie with big dreams and a good head on her shoulders, I loved shooting with her. We took off to downtown Asheville and had it out with the awesome surroundings. And since the stinker got to spend her summer in FRANCE, we aimed for capturing a titch of European flair, or at the very least her love of traveling.  Loved it! 

Making_my_way_downtown Stairs_Portrait Outdoor_Cafe Cafe_Window Sculpture City_square_BW_Black-and-white_Smiling Walking_CU_2 B&W_Streetlight BW_Sun_Hair Ledge_Arch_stone_Smile Smiling_arch_sidewalk Black_and_white_Parkbench_Asheville_portrait_street Street_walking_lights_dusk


  1. What lens did you use? Love the post-processing filters too!

    1. All on the 85mm f/1.8! I absolutely love that lens :) And thanks, all the color filters are mine, and the B&W ones, I used filters from Totally Rad, Replichrome series -- they emulate certain film stocks, and they are indeed quite rad, if I do say myself.


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