Friday, November 29, 2013

[Tips & Tricks] | Prisming

Had a few of you ask how this worked after my shoot with Allie, so I thought it'd be easier to answer all at once -- I can give you some links to some killer examples here too.

It's quite simple really -- 

1.  Grab a prism (possibly from here or any science shop site).

2. Lay it flush with your lens like so: 

3.  And twist or rotate it so it'll catch whatever is to the left or right of your subject.  I like to stand 45 degrees off from a window and throw it into the subject.  

Yes my subject is my adorable cat.

It can be subtle...

Or not as such...

4.  Try a different shaped prism.  I haven't tried it yet -- mine is a 6-inch triangular prism.  Of course different prisms will garner different effects.  Try 'em, go nuts -- and then let me know; I'm curious.

I first wanted to try it when high fashion photographer, Guy Aroch, did a shoot with gymnast, Nastia Liukin.  

If you look up his work, you'll see him use it a lot.  His style is my favorite so far that I've come upon.

After some digging, I found out that he used a prism, which led me to needing to know how he used it, what shape/kind, etc.

[Click the photos to go to the full site]

Nastia Liukin by Guy Aroch

You can use it subtly, or take it all the way to Sam Hurd-style.  

He was who I found next -- I'm not a huge fan of all the huge bright colors, but this is within the realm of possibility.  

Plus, he was the one who actually explained the process on his blog and even has a video that shows the real-time effects.   

(Some call it "Hurding" -- it's an old technique, so that's a bit misguided.)   

Sam Hurd

And just as an added bonus, French fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier used one in a shoot for DKNY.   
Go ahead, click on the photo and be inspired.  Then go do!

DKNY shoot by Patrick Demarchelier

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

[Prism] Dance Studio | Allie

[To photographers: The technique is rotating a prism in front of the lens.  It might be "dun over-killed," but I've wanted to try it ever since I saw Guy Aroch's shoot with Nastia Liukin.  Beginner's Bliss -- no apologies.]

To everyone else, meet my little sister!  Not technically, but we've kinda always said so since camp days when people would ask.  She was one of my campers I looked forward to having when I was a counselor -- she'd bring her guitar and we'd jam when we could.  (She's got the soft voice of an angel, seriously).

She can always be counted on for a hug and a quiet smile -- I'm so proud of who she's become and how spiritually grounded this girl is.  Most definitely a role model and someone worth looking up to.

Allie girl!  I'm really gonna miss seeing you around hun -- best wishes in college!

[Many thanks also to the River Arts District in Asheville and Studio Zahiya for allowing us to use their space!]


Jacket-full-length Jacket-Smiling Portrait Pure-Window 2R4A9434 Sitting-Pretty Hall2 Wall-hair Window-Shoulder Window-high-key-Prism Window-Prism-Wide Dance-floor-Sitting-Smile Window-seat-black-and-white Dance-floor-stretching Standing-split-black-and-white Mirror-lights-prism Stag-handstand Studio-wide Window-seat-smile

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chattanooga Rain | Daniel & Samantha

Filmmaking is far from a one-person show -- the crew you have around you could make or break the quality of your project.  As a film-student, the ability to be picky with your crew is limited to say the least, so when someone shines a little brighter with work ethic, you notice.

Daniel was a freshman in his first semester and wound up on my senior thesis film set.  Lol, we've discussed it and to this day, I still cannot recollect how he ended up as 2nd Assistant Director, but I'm so glad he did!  He was incredibly helpful, but moreso, he took his initiative and big heart all the way through successful projects to directing his own senior thesis.

Naturally, he'd have his eye on someone with an equally cool -- enter Samantha.  
"That's her, shh!"
She came into the university's photolab where I used to work, right after Daniel had told me that he'd found "the one" and wanted to know about engagement sessions.   As I've gotten to know her better, it's clear she has a heart just as big as his.

Adorable as all get out, we finally got a chance to snag those photos! They rolled with the rain and embraced it.  We got incredibly lucky at the end when a massive cloud rolled over Lookout Mountain.


Black-and-white-forehead-kiss-Chattanooga-Walking-Bridge-in-the-background Glass-kiss Snuggle-by-a-window CU_laughing Black-and-White-candid-happiness

A good man, folks -- warming of the hands will always earn points, gentlemen.
We were waiting for people to pass...

Warming-the-hands Tasting-the-rain Edge-of-the-world Kiss-Chattanooga-Walking-Bridge Forehead-kiss-Chattanooga-walking-bridge Black-and-white-Chattanooga-Walking-Bridge-Kiss Giving-the-lady-a-hand-Chattanooga-Walking-bridge Dance-kiss-in-the-fog B&W_Fog_Couple Fog_on_Fire

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

River Arts District | Austin

"Hey Austin, why do the ladies love you?" 
"Cause I can do this with my hair: *flips left, flips right....left-right*"
- 10ish yr. old Austin.

I know he'll roll his eyes when he reads this cause I always tell this story -- he was one of our favorite kids at the rock-wall during summer camp (if we had favorites), and he never ceased to crack me and the other belayers up.  This was a go-to kind of question and typical answer we'd come to expect the rotations he came by.

Pretty much one of the chillest campers there; he's grown into quite the solid young man, making good decisions to be proud of in every which way his hair used to flip :-P

Proud of ya buddy -- Imma miss seeing ya around campus!


Black-and-white-outside-building Red-chair-wide Red-Chair Chair-lounging Chair-black-and-white Standing-room Couch-sitting Couch-Lounging Wall-Windows-smile Wall-and-windows Wall-Face Stairwell-window Stairwell-window-black-and-white Stairwell-Looking-up Stairwell-FB Black-and-white-Stairwell-looking-up White-T Black-and-white-outside Face-buildings

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