Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chattanooga Rain | Daniel & Samantha

Filmmaking is far from a one-person show -- the crew you have around you could make or break the quality of your project.  As a film-student, the ability to be picky with your crew is limited to say the least, so when someone shines a little brighter with work ethic, you notice.

Daniel was a freshman in his first semester and wound up on my senior thesis film set.  Lol, we've discussed it and to this day, I still cannot recollect how he ended up as 2nd Assistant Director, but I'm so glad he did!  He was incredibly helpful, but moreso, he took his initiative and big heart all the way through successful projects to directing his own senior thesis.

Naturally, he'd have his eye on someone with an equally cool -- enter Samantha.  
"That's her, shh!"
She came into the university's photolab where I used to work, right after Daniel had told me that he'd found "the one" and wanted to know about engagement sessions.   As I've gotten to know her better, it's clear she has a heart just as big as his.

Adorable as all get out, we finally got a chance to snag those photos! They rolled with the rain and embraced it.  We got incredibly lucky at the end when a massive cloud rolled over Lookout Mountain.


Black-and-white-forehead-kiss-Chattanooga-Walking-Bridge-in-the-background Glass-kiss Snuggle-by-a-window CU_laughing Black-and-White-candid-happiness

A good man, folks -- warming of the hands will always earn points, gentlemen.
We were waiting for people to pass...

Warming-the-hands Tasting-the-rain Edge-of-the-world Kiss-Chattanooga-Walking-Bridge Forehead-kiss-Chattanooga-walking-bridge Black-and-white-Chattanooga-Walking-Bridge-Kiss Giving-the-lady-a-hand-Chattanooga-Walking-bridge Dance-kiss-in-the-fog B&W_Fog_Couple Fog_on_Fire


  1. These are beautiful.That fog—wow, so cool. Well done!

    1. Thanks! Yeah that fog is insane, right?? We got up there and shot off a few; by the time we progressed not 50 ft. away, the cloud was already past. But it was so surreal when we were in the middle of it!

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