Wednesday, November 27, 2013

[Prism] Dance Studio | Allie

[To photographers: The technique is rotating a prism in front of the lens.  It might be "dun over-killed," but I've wanted to try it ever since I saw Guy Aroch's shoot with Nastia Liukin.  Beginner's Bliss -- no apologies.]

To everyone else, meet my little sister!  Not technically, but we've kinda always said so since camp days when people would ask.  She was one of my campers I looked forward to having when I was a counselor -- she'd bring her guitar and we'd jam when we could.  (She's got the soft voice of an angel, seriously).

She can always be counted on for a hug and a quiet smile -- I'm so proud of who she's become and how spiritually grounded this girl is.  Most definitely a role model and someone worth looking up to.

Allie girl!  I'm really gonna miss seeing you around hun -- best wishes in college!

[Many thanks also to the River Arts District in Asheville and Studio Zahiya for allowing us to use their space!]


Jacket-full-length Jacket-Smiling Portrait Pure-Window 2R4A9434 Sitting-Pretty Hall2 Wall-hair Window-Shoulder Window-high-key-Prism Window-Prism-Wide Dance-floor-Sitting-Smile Window-seat-black-and-white Dance-floor-stretching Standing-split-black-and-white Mirror-lights-prism Stag-handstand Studio-wide Window-seat-smile


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