Tuesday, November 12, 2013

River Arts District | Austin

"Hey Austin, why do the ladies love you?" 
"Cause I can do this with my hair: *flips left, flips right....left-right*"
- 10ish yr. old Austin.

I know he'll roll his eyes when he reads this cause I always tell this story -- he was one of our favorite kids at the rock-wall during summer camp (if we had favorites), and he never ceased to crack me and the other belayers up.  This was a go-to kind of question and typical answer we'd come to expect the rotations he came by.

Pretty much one of the chillest campers there; he's grown into quite the solid young man, making good decisions to be proud of in every which way his hair used to flip :-P

Proud of ya buddy -- Imma miss seeing ya around campus!


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