Monday, November 11, 2013

Wright Sisters

I take a lot of cues from the upbringing to help gauge how well-grounded I can expect kids to be.  I remember being at the shop with my dad when Mrs. Wright struck up a conversation with us about the rules of courting their daughters.  It was really quite simple:

"We shake his hand. If he doesn't have callouses, adios."

I knew I'd like this family.  I was raised to respect hard work and a job done right, so naturally, they were automatically pretty cool in my book.  ;-)  But the session was most definitely enjoyable with a consistent level of laughter -- crazy fun and some fine ladies to have spent an afternoon with.  


Fence-Sisters Fence-Laughing Allissa-chair Julia-chair Sun-Sisters Concrete-Wall Julia-Red-Wall Allissa-Wall Back-to-back-grass Allissa-Sky Julia-Barn Sun-Salutations Sun-Back-to-back Sun-back-to-back-laughing Allissa-Black-and-White-Field Field-pillow-talk Field-Together Field-Talking Wide-Field

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