Monday, December 8, 2014

Lookout Mountain | Libby

After all the times I've typed "summer camp" into these little introductions, I suppose I should just come to the conclusion that camp creates life-long friends...technically 10-ish years isn't a lifetime, but I don't fancy the idea of saying goodbye to these people anytime soon.

Libby was all of 8 years old, there for all the staff meetings, riding around camp-wide on her bike, and jetting of all places, into my cabin to be my camper :)  She was one of the first people I taught the camp birthday song to, so I could see how it fared with the kiddos, and she nailed it—come to find out, she's quite musically talented (as is the rest of her fam).  This family is so flippin precious to me—every summer included them. 

More-so than the memories, this family has taught me so much about what it means to be a God-follower; such a deep example of faith and a bite straight from the fruit of Joy.

So when I announced I was moving west, this beloved family drove over 6 hours from Ohio to meet me for a departing session.  I was so honored to take Libby's photos—in fact, DUDE, I just realized that when I took her big sister's senior photos back in 2009, it was my first time [ever] taking senior photos (!!)  :-D  Haha I was terrified.

Enjoy our time together—Libby is a blast and a half; character out the wazoo.  Stay fabulous darlings, it was so good to see you all again!  *muah*


And I suppose it wouldn't be fair to tell of her character and not show any of it in true form ;-) So...

I wonder where she gets it from...

Love you guys!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Downtown Asheville | Hannah

Sometimes I look at kids these days and wonder how in the world they're high schoolers; seriously, my stylistic high school days were textbook-awkward.  I think the only thing that redeemed me was that I was super aloof, had no idea and thus had the time of my life, lol.

ANYway I digress—kids are so well put-together nowadays and Hannah was no exception.  She killed it in downtown Asheville; we had a blast just hanging out, and I couldn't have asked for better lighting!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mountaintop Wedding | Lacy & Lizander

There are independent people and then there are whimsical spirits on a completely different level—ones that nearly whisk you away purely by contact-high.

Though I knew Lacy pre-whim from high school and summer camp, over the years exotic European or South American land/cityscapes would occasionally dot my Facebook feed.

Come to find out, both her and Lizander were Couch Surfers (look it up—mondo coolness for travelers; tried it out for the first time on the road-trip out west).  They met during her time in Brazil and their free-spirits clicked, later manifesting in a Vegas wedding.

Fast forward a year-ish and we found ourselves on a [gorgeous] mountain top with family and friends to celebrate their marriage.  I tell ya—I've taken photos of couples post-marriage and it completely blew me away how much they were still in love (lol, sad I know).  So many tears, but so much more laughter.  Seriously, they were so excited to be with each other and so evident with how deeply they run together; it was so darn cute.  For that reason, this post may be obesely long because I couldn't choose, lol.  Good luck with that.

Enjoy the day—then go plan a vacation; it does the soul good to enjoy life a bit more.


And they definitely had the most firey-red sunset I've ever seen at a wedding before.  Best of luck in the many crazy adventures ahead :)

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