Friday, January 17, 2014

Black Fox Farms | Korinn & Ory

Every once and again I'll come across wedding inquiries from people I haven't gotten acquainted with yet -- we'll have mutual friends, but if I don't know them well...commence stalking of Facebook to learn more about them and if we'd be a good fit.

*Sees engagement that involves rock climbing behind a waterfall*  Sold.

I met up with Korinn & Ory at a local coffee shop in town and common friends (and lots of family) came up in conversation -- not only did I know their family, I also had the privilege of photographing two other of her cousins' weddings.

This wouldn't normally be a huge deal, except the fact that I absolutely adore this family.  As you'll see, there's an amazing amount of love within this fam, and it made the day flow with so much fun and laughter.  The cousins are incredibly close and their friendship is so evident.

I hope you catch vibe of their gorgeous day -- beautiful inside and out.


Wedding today Tie in Mirror Steamy Tie Reading Vows Getting ready line Groomsmen Bouquets Shoes Bride Details Makeup Getting ready makeup Dresses BrideandDress2 DressRetrieve Dress on 1 Dress on 2 Earrings on Parents watching get ready Garter Glamour Bridal 1 bw Walking out Reveal 1 Reveal-2 Reveal-3 Reveal-4 Reveal-5 Reveal 6 bw 2R4A1057 Tree hugging bw Bridal door Groom Couple car Groom car Window kisses Rings-and-bouquets Coated bride and groom Bridesmaids Wedding party walking Wedding party wide Guestbook-and-programs Walking-down-the-aisle-1 Walking down the aisle 2 Ceremony Wide Altar-and-vows Ceremony tears Ceremony rings Altar-happiness Kiss Recessional Post ceremony fist pump Post ceremony ring show Post-ceremony-atmosphere After-Atmosphere Making it official Mugs Cake-and-details Reception announced Cake-feeding Reception kiss bw Reception table bw Reception-singing Parent selfie First Dance 1 First-Dance-2 First dance 3 Father-Daughter-dance Father daughter dance 2 Father daughter fist pump Bouquet-toss Garter-toss Cousins hugging Sparklers-1 Getaway


  1. Love the expression of the bride's father's face when he's dancing with her! And the fist pumping into the air in the next photo! Great captures of awesome moments, Tanya! :D

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