Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fletcher | Bethany & Ryan

"I'm not quite sure, but I'm pretty sure it'd be hard to walk slower..."  
-Whoever I was riding with (I don't remember)
Circa 2007-ish?  08?  Circa a long time ago.  Earliest memory of these two adorables was a balmy night at summer camp -- good ol' lights-out mandated slow goodbyes, of which these two seemed expert at as we drove by on a golf cart.

Holding hands on the way to her cabin, they were traversing the distance from the gym in basically the same footsteps as their previous ;-)  Of course, to spend as much time possible with each other before they had to part.

If you've seen the comments under their Facebook engagement story, you know that must be their motto, as they've been together forever.  :-P

"Finally!!"  "It's about time!"  "As many "likes" as months dated. What a coincidence!"

Their journey may've been slow-cookin', but it's one that is deeply rooted in a love for God and each other; one most definitely worth looking up to.

I'm stoked to not only share these [adorable] engagement photos, but also to shoot their wedding come spring!  


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