Sunday, March 30, 2014

Behind the Scenes | Photoshop Breakdown [AIR]

*Click if you haven't seen [A I R] or [W A T E R] yet*

Somewhere along the way, we thought that tossing flour in the air would be a fantastic idea for this one (and we still might do that one day) -- but this one would've been an obese nightmare had we done that.

Reason being, there wasn't a completely solid background for me to drop off, so in post, it would be near impossible to isolate.  At least with my present shkillz.  This one actually took much longer than the [WATER] one -- lol, to spare you, the video doesn't show how much refining, sitting, and staring I did.   Mondo more attention to refining edges and details.

I've come to the conclusion that with much chaos comes more leeway, but in a cleaner design -- oofa.

So it's good we just went with Aimee's umbrellas :)  She's gotten her blog post up so totally check out her take on the day!  

To test this, we had to get in front of the most plain background we could find (to make things easier in post).  In this case, it was the hallway.  Jonathan (who also has his photos up from the day), was kind enough to rock the test-shot.  Look at that form.

Got la modelas in, and we were off.

Yup, Rachel's hanging onto Gloria -- originally that's how the finished product was supposed to be, but once I got into post, I couldn't get the spacing to look right.  

"Soooo I pulled what I call a "PCO" (Professional Cop-Out) 
and just had them apart :-D"

Earlier, Logan's fearlessness got me venturing outside (He got a good cover of the events too, if you wanna see).  There was some pretty awesome space right next to the house that I decided to use for this one.  Originally they were supposed to be going off the roof of a house, but this just looked so awesome.

And without further ado: 


  1. Clever idea to "construct" the dresses like you did. It gave a nice airy effect that may have been harder to achieve had they actually been wearing the fabric pieces. Awesome job :)

  2. Seriously! wow....I wish i could stand doing detailed stuff like that for hours. lol...SWEET!!


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