Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Behind the Scenes | Photoshop breakdown [WATER]

I know you wanna get to the BTS, so I'll do the main writing in Tarzan-speak, with photographer/more nitty-gritty-deets in the captions (including links to the other photogs--keep checking back on them for their take on the day).  

If you really wanna skip stuff and see how it was done, the Photoshop breakdown is at the bottom, ready GO. 

#1 - Creepy house.

(Photo Cred: Logan Foll)
Location thanks to Jonathan Morua -- big into urban exploration, he scored this location on a walk one day. Hollaa. 
(PC: Logan Foll)
Gloria exploring...  (PC: Logan Foll)

#2 - Models & Mayhem.

Gloria gets fitted with designer threads.  When in need of models, we test to see exactly how much those friends on Facebook actually DO like our posts,  lol.  Easy peasy.  The mayhem part comes from the freaking out that fellow photog and styler Aimee Burchard did the couple days before when this whole thing blew up.  Yay Good Will!  (PC: Logan Foll)

Rachel gettin' done up!  And yup, Aimee did wardrobe (pinning/sewing tablecloths into awesomeness), hair and makeup, as well as bringing some of the cool props you'll see later.  Woohoo!  (PC: Logan Foll)

"Sisters" for the day, Gloria and Rachel

#3 - Westcott Rapidbox. w/ beauty dish reflector plate.  Wanted to learn more, hence:

For photogs: This is basically a $175 collapsible octabank + $25 beauty dish reflector plate. Got it all in a kit here. (PC: Logan Foll)
Matt sets up the rig. You might recognize him from my other endeavors with strobes.  With the center reflector plate, even though it's shaped more like an octa, it throws light very similarly to the beauty dish.   I watched this review-vid of it being used in a fashion shoot before I bought it. I used the diffusion cover for this entire series.

 #4 - Shoot, bang!

This was about the time we were freaked out and rushing to get out of there; Aimee had her massive garden shears in hand just in case we needed to bludgeon an intruder with a blunt object...

For photogs:  Actually the last setup of the day and the first shot of it.  Sun had gone down not allowing for any ambient at all.  Would've preferred a little light popping them in the back from the window, but it was usable.
#5 - Click.  

Original post here: http://www.tkmusgrave.com/2014/03/photo-manipulation-elements-water.html

(For those familiar with LightRoom, the preset I used at the end was one I made for a different photo way back -- involved saturation, cross processing, exposure, curves, and graduated filters.)


  1. Love the time-lapse! Great work.

  2. Gahhh! Great BTS! Inspires me to get back on a personal project of mine that has been pushed to the back burner due to school projects :p

    1. Personal projects rock! Lol, they fuel the beast -- don't put em off!

  3. Where did you get the falling water stuff (brush?) from?

    1. A few different places but mainly Deviant Art -- I googled it and found a page that had 40 or so links to various water brushes :)

    2. Thanks! Now to think of a water theme/concept to use those water brushes :)

    3. They have some really cool brushes of time-lapsed (and smooth) waterfalls -- that would make a cool surreal tone; rainforest maybe?

  4. So awesome Tonya! I love this. I want to be in it! You have a great creative imagination! Truly impressive. You are goin' places GIRL!!


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