Thursday, March 27, 2014

Photo Manipulation | Elements [AIR]

I know it rolls off the tongue easier to say "Wind" -- Earth, Wind, Fire, etc. but the more I looked on sites, it said "air" which I suppose makes a little more sense.

Still, I knew regardless that I wanted them to be airborne in a cleaner design.  There were some plans that we didn't end up going with, like feathers and flour but in hindsight, I'm elated that we didn't.  More on that in the Behind the Scenes.

Welcome to the second Element.

[ A I R ]

The Models:  Rachel Carithers, Gloria Dortch
The Stuff:  Canon 5D Mkiii, Canon 580 EXii Speedlite, Westcott Rapidbox w/ beauty dish reflector plate, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
The Partners in Crime:  Aimee Burchard, Nathan DeWild, Logan Foll, Matt Hadley, Jonathan Morua, Ricky Oliveras, Brandan Roberts

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