Sunday, April 13, 2014

Behind the Scenes | Photoshop Breakdown [FIRE]

This one breaks the mold a bit, since I didn't actually use the Rapidbox in the way it's intended (which was the whole point of this exercise).  

But we quickly realized that with it pointed at them, the lantern's entire ambience went couldn't tell the thing was even lit.  'Dey gaw'geous' but it wasn't what I was going for...

Rachel & Glo

At the time, Jonathan was running around with his LED panel (came in VERY handy, particularly when we did "AIR" and didn't have the lantern light to help with focus), so we popped it behind them and got a neat warm/cool effect.

Photo Credit:  Logan Foll

As much as that helped the ambience, it didn't put off enough light to get some exposure on their arms, etc.  (Not that I was thinking anything along those lines at the time; remember the had-no-concept-yet dealio?  Yeah at that point, Aimee handed them red flowers and a lantern on fire, and that was all we had, lol.)  

Still, I went with the above photo, not thinking about the flames I would try to add in later.  Lo and behold, it made no sense because there was no ambient light on their arms...wommmmp.

"...Soooo I ended up scrapping the idea after about 7 hours of trying to make them fit inside a dark, hollow a forest fire...No go."
Back to the drawing board.  Or rather..."Mommmmm!!"  

Yes, I called my mom (and trusty fresh eyes) to look at it.  I could only sit there and sulk because it wasn't coming together.  I'll spare you what it looked like, but she had an awesome suggestion of them coming out of a sea of fire, and THAT'S when the idea struck that they should be surrounded by lava.


Went back and found this one to start with, where we'd stuck the Rapidbox behind them and gave that backlight a little bit more umph.  Even though I took the rim-light out of the final product, it popped enough light into their arms to where it would make sense to have another light source besides the lantern.

AND THERRR YA HAVE IT, FOLKS.  And yup, it most definitely evolved.

Btw, shout out to Leigh Hilbert — in doing Google searches for lava photos, I realized he'd taken a lot of them!  Check out his stuff, seriously, he's incredible.

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  1. Tanya, these have been awesome to read about and watch, by the way. I hope you're getting some quality recognition for them. So cool. Keep it up.

    1. Haha it's been a blast, albeit painful at times, but it's been fun to share. Thanks for the encouragement — much appreciated while I'm presently laboring through the last one. (I'm sure you can relate to the creative struggle.)


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