Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Photo Manipulation | Elements [EARTH]

Behold:  The epic[ish] conclusion and recap!

This was actually the first basic concept that solidified in the brainstorming process, as well as the first set-up we did.  

Since I knew we'd be shooting in an abandoned area, I thought of how to use the space for "earth," even if now, I realize it would've been a ton easier (and made a lot more sense) if we'd just gone out and shot in the woods somewhere.  Ha.  Groundbreaking, I know.  But at the time, considering my surroundings, I loved the idea of the outside growing in.   

"...as the editing progressed, I loved even more the idea of a "Tree of Life" in the midst of dead surroundings."

And there ya have it.  Here's Earth!....and Air, and Fire, and Water.

[ E A R T H ]

The Models:  Rachel Carithers, Gloria Dortch
The Stuff:  Canon 5D Mkiii, Canon 580 EXii Speedlite, Westcott Rapidbox w/ beauty dish reflector plate, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
The Partners in Crime:  Aimee Burchard, Nathan DeWild, Logan Foll, Matt Hadley, Jonathan Morua, Ricky Oliveras, Brandan Roberts


  1. These are amazing as always Tanya. And your team seems pretty awesone too.

  2. Earth is my favorite, then water. If you every want to do fun stuff with mountains come out to Yosemite! I'll show you around!

    1. Oh goodness, that would be so insanely awesome!! One day I'll take you up on it; I've only been to Glacier point and seen the view briefly, but I definitely want to go in and around everything :-D Haha, and I'm not sure which one is my favorite, but I love how the colors in Earth turned out most definitely.

  3. The "water" concept stole my heart from day one. ;) Great job on the whole series!


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