Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Birds & Butterflies | Candis

So much whimsical-ness in one person, seriously!  I've known this chica for over a decade now and her take on life is such a playful fantasy that you can't help but get caught up with her.  Keep in mind this girl is studying criminal justice, is an Asian at heart, and swing/contra/salsa dances on the side (gotta keep those Latin roots happy, now).  

After the Elements series, she approached me about her graduation photos and wanted to have fun with them.  So she came up with a couple [awesome] concept boards that were forest themed and we ran with it.


This is one of two:

[B I R D S  &  B U T T E R F L I E S]  

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Back in 2010, I put together a list of things I wanted to accomplish that year; a bucket list if you will.  Just looking over it now, it's kinda laughable and surprisingly satisfying to see other items I can check off.

Life can seem stagnant until you compare goals from "back when" — I encourage you to do that, by the way; it reminds you that things are indeed moving forward.

One of them (#27) was really just a far out dream — get published in a magazine.  I'd totally forgotten about it. But then I got contacted a bit ago by the art editor at SquareMeal — their lifestyle magazines serve London & the UK.

WELL, they have a Wedding Magazine as well and whaddaya know, they were doing a feature on weddings and rain, haha.  (I swear I do other pictures too, lol).

In any case, here it is! I had the awesome privilege of shooting Andrew & Tara's wedding back in 2012.

Here's to kickin' off the wedding season!  Cheers :)


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