Saturday, May 3, 2014


Back in 2010, I put together a list of things I wanted to accomplish that year; a bucket list if you will.  Just looking over it now, it's kinda laughable and surprisingly satisfying to see other items I can check off.

Life can seem stagnant until you compare goals from "back when" — I encourage you to do that, by the way; it reminds you that things are indeed moving forward.

One of them (#27) was really just a far out dream — get published in a magazine.  I'd totally forgotten about it. But then I got contacted a bit ago by the art editor at SquareMeal — their lifestyle magazines serve London & the UK.

WELL, they have a Wedding Magazine as well and whaddaya know, they were doing a feature on weddings and rain, haha.  (I swear I do other pictures too, lol).

In any case, here it is! I had the awesome privilege of shooting Andrew & Tara's wedding back in 2012.

Here's to kickin' off the wedding season!  Cheers :)



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