Friday, June 6, 2014

Gatlinburg | Samantha & Ryan

What a memorable wedding to kick off the spring season, with a send-off we all won't soon forget ;-) Quite literally on top of a mountain, the Wilderness lodges where this wedding took place was gorgeous; you could see for miles.  A perfect setting for these two to start their journey together.

It's always a pleasure to shoot for a fun-loving wedding party — hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


Note to men — learn how to tie a bowtie ;-)

Keepin' it classy, gentlemen...


"Ryan, do you...?"   ...*HUDDLE*

And now comes our favorite part of the evening — there are few things that are more magical and romantic than floating lanterns (Thank you Tangled).  

"The lanterns would light, the guests would share a final prayer with the couple and then send them on their dreamy way."

However, as the final prayer progressed, suddenly someone shakily encouraged, 

"Uuhhhm.  Pray faster..."  

Come to find out, a lantern had begun to catch fire.  What we hoped was one faulty lantern turned into a full-blown flammable batch.

Though there was a lone survivor...

With some encouragement... headed straight for the cabin.

But a cheer went up as the lantern broke free from the eaves...

...and landed on the tin roof!  No worries however, it did not burn for long, and there was no danger.

What made it the absolute BEST was the attitude of everyone, especially our awesome bride and groom.  

They took it like champs and couldn't stop laughing at the spectacle, exclaiming with pride, "Best wedding fail EVER." 

If even their best-laid plans and dreams for perfection get dashed, judging by this, these two will be more than just fine :)  God bless and best wishes in the years to come!


  1. Haha Brandan's touchdown pose is insanely epic! As usual, nice job on the wedding!

  2. Stunning photos! You did a great job!
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