Monday, July 21, 2014

Castle Ladyhawke | Cassie & Reed

Such a breathtaking location!  And wouldn’t ya know, it’s only an hour away from my house.  Who knew??  Castle Ladyhawke was GORGEOUS, and such a perfect place to celebrate an equally beautiful love.

Seriously, Cassie and Reed were beyond adorable—sometimes couples get a bit worn out from kissing for photos, but it was usually in-between all the picture-taking that they showered each other with more. :)

AAaaaand, I can also say that under all that sweetness is some pretty kick-butt radness.  Getting engaged on top of the highest rock in Joshua Tree or summiting Andes peaks is all well and good for their daily life, but what quite literally put me over the edge is when they brought a bit of that flavor to their Get-Away.

So incredibly sweet, these two, and it was such a privilege to be part of their day. 


Meeeaaaanwhile, back at the ranch, some groomsmen were shedding more than just some stipulations of an agreement.  I believe there was a bargain that if Reed was clean-shaven, then the groomsmen could keep their beards...either that or it was in exchange for not shaving crazy fu manchu-like designs. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong)

Details aside, with the wedding and the formals over...all bets were off... 

Reception Ready.

With festivities still at large, yet another something was brewing...yes. You are correct. Pure awesomeness.  You know that turret?

Mission accomplished.

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