Monday, July 7, 2014

Boothbay Harbor Maine | Becca & Andrew

Crazy, crazy, crazy weekend in Maine!  Not only have I known Becca & Andrew since the beginning of their high school days, I've also either gone to the same school and/or worked at camp with them and their entire wedding party.  

Their union was a long time coming, and everyone was stoked to meet up for a bit of a reunion.  Such a fun and tight bunch made my job so easy and it made for quite a memorable day, starting with a sunrise Bridal shoot at 4:30 am *See it here!  EE!*

An absolute blast.


Emma was the flower girl, daughter of our beloved high school teachers, Marca & Matt.  Adoption always holds a tender spot in my heart, especially for those of us born "outside of the norm"— Sweet Emma has cerebral palsy and she got to carry on the flower-girl torch, since her big sister Gracie was the flower girl for Becca's older brother's wedding.  LOVE!

As they were announced Husband and Wife, the chapel doors opened and all of a sudden you hear what?  Bagpipes.  Yes.  Bagpipes.

As I said...tight group...

They wrapped up the festivities with one last hurrah:  A groomsmen dance for the bride.  Mercy.  "Memorable" just doesn't do it justice, lol.  


  1. Tanya, what a beautiful job you did capturing an amazing day! Thanks not only for your talent but also for being such a joy to have around!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! And you can see how much you care for these people in every one of them.

  3. Reliving the day through your pictures! You captured the beauty and the fun! It meant so much to have you there with us!


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