Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brush Creek | Leah & Tyler

A little perseverance was all it took for Tyler to snag Leah's hand in marriage ;-)  A year apart when Leah spent a year abroad solidified her steadfast opinion that the door was closed.  Despite the grim outlook, Tyler continued to pursue and they eventually relit the spark.  :)  

Finding each other again culminated in a fabulous wedding day, rain and all!  So many fantastic details, personally made with love by the family—venue included.

The day took place at Brush Creek, a location lovingly tended and maintained by none other than Leah's parents.

It was such a fun day to photograph!  And also props to my lovely second Aimee Burchard for being awesome :)


The rain held off so well during the ceremony—but even if it poured something fierce during the reception...doesn't mean we didn't jump at the chance to make the rain into a little magic ;-)

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