Sunday, October 19, 2014


"I saw this place and have wanted to take pictures here ever since....Um, wait.  *Inspects*  Uhhh.  You aren't allergic to poison ivy are you....?" 

"Uhh kinda yeah.  But let's do it."

I first got to take Shannon's pictures when her older sis, Stephanie, was also getting her senior photos done a few years ago—and now it's her turn!  She was more than gracious when her dreamin' photographer went off on a pursuit and realized that the poison ivy was not only incredibly healthy, but pretty much solid thick in the location.  She wasn't deterred, and was willing to brave all kindsa tall grasses and prospects of hidden creatures in an uncut field—quite a trooper :)

She's got a whimsical spirit about her and doesn't hesitate to use her voice to praise God.  Best wishes, hun!  

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