Sunday, November 9, 2014


Friendship is always a living being—fluid and beautiful.  In some cases, it not only survives a shattering earth, but blooms bright life from a cracked ground.

Lacie and I have been through a whole heap together over the past 10 years (Great Scott, it's been that long?! We're old.)—we've weathered many distances, tears, and sleepless nights where we questioned God and the fairness of life; a close friend is an understatement.  I don't doubt one second that this friendship will last the rest of our lives.

She got married earlier last month, and though I was mainly there to help with the wedding, I stole her away for some bridal shots in her mama's wedding dress.

Lacie dearest, I love seeing you this content and joyful—I remember when it was all we prayed for, and I'm incredibly happy to witness it.  It was such an honor to be there for you on your special day and I'm so thankful you and Bobby found one another.  And remember, the wall is always available ;-)

*Hugs for life!*


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