Saturday, December 6, 2014

Downtown Asheville | Hannah

Sometimes I look at kids these days and wonder how in the world they're high schoolers; seriously, my stylistic high school days were textbook-awkward.  I think the only thing that redeemed me was that I was super aloof, had no idea and thus had the time of my life, lol.

ANYway I digress—kids are so well put-together nowadays and Hannah was no exception.  She killed it in downtown Asheville; we had a blast just hanging out, and I couldn't have asked for better lighting!



  1. Haha I hear ya on those high schoolin' years! Total oblivion and absolutely no sense of style! If it was comfy, wear it! Anywho, great lighting! I really like the perspective of the leading lines on the one where she's leaning against the wall.

  2. Love the photos~ You did a great job!
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