Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mountaintop Wedding | Lacy & Lizander

There are independent people and then there are whimsical spirits on a completely different level—ones that nearly whisk you away purely by contact-high.

Though I knew Lacy pre-whim from high school and summer camp, over the years exotic European or South American land/cityscapes would occasionally dot my Facebook feed.

Come to find out, both her and Lizander were Couch Surfers (look it up—mondo coolness for travelers; tried it out for the first time on the road-trip out west).  They met during her time in Brazil and their free-spirits clicked, later manifesting in a Vegas wedding.

Fast forward a year-ish and we found ourselves on a [gorgeous] mountain top with family and friends to celebrate their marriage.  I tell ya—I've taken photos of couples post-marriage and it completely blew me away how much they were still in love (lol, sad I know).  So many tears, but so much more laughter.  Seriously, they were so excited to be with each other and so evident with how deeply they run together; it was so darn cute.  For that reason, this post may be obesely long because I couldn't choose, lol.  Good luck with that.

Enjoy the day—then go plan a vacation; it does the soul good to enjoy life a bit more.


And they definitely had the most firey-red sunset I've ever seen at a wedding before.  Best of luck in the many crazy adventures ahead :)


  1. Where did this take place? What mountain top?

    1. Hendersonville, NC! Though their ceremony and portraits were taken in separate locations; one was on remote property with an adorable little cottage, and the portraits were taken just a few minutes down the road at Bearwallow.

  2. The photos are so stunning! Wow~~ The final pic under the sunset is so amazing!
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