Monday, March 30, 2015

Photo Manipulation | Wanderlust [I of III]

A bit more subtle and understated than my previous surrealism, however this is actually an exercise in a couple techniques I wanted to learn. Plus it's been a while since I flexed the digital paintbrush.

I've been caught up in simple and beautiful wanderlust photography, so that's what this is about. Also wanting to refine the skills of enhancing an artistic image realistically—

"So if you look at it and say, 'Um...she barely did anything.' Good on ya :) That's the point."

[ W A N D E R L U S T ] I of III
Before and after, PS Breakdown to come

The Model:  Keri Mau
The Stuff:  Canon 5D Mkiii, 16-35mm f2.8 L-series, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
The Partners in Crime:  Chet Williams, Ryan Lim, Roy Lim, Addison Huong, Jeremiah Waworoendeng

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

San Diego Coast | Andy & Silvi

Went to high school with Andy and reconnected when I first moved out here—we chatted over boba when he informed me of his lady friend who would soon become his fiancĂ©.

Fast forward to a lunch one lazy Sabbath afternoon, meeting Silvi, and quite literally gasping for air because we were laughing so hard over a story from her time in Puerto Rico.

It wasn't long after that I got a text, and we were off to the coast! I'd never been to San Diego before, and it'd been a solid decade since I'd seen the California coast. We chilled out the better part of the day with their cool friend Holly, making our way from Balboa Park to downtown, and finally to the La Jolla seaside awesomeness that will also be the wedding venue! It's a marine biology college right on the ocean with its own pier and breathtaking view of the horizon.

Man—sunset over the ocean, we couldn't have asked for better. (Except maybe to be the surfers out in the water watching it. We concluded they were part of the same group of lucky jerks that belonged to the boards and wetsuits we spotted in the school windows. From waves to class to waves—le sigh.) I digress.

Enjoy the day! We certainly did :)


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